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Best Gift Card Buyers In Nigeria and Ghana [2023]

Are you looking for the Best Gift Card Buyers in Nigeria and Ghana to Sell your Gift Cards for Cash?

Do you wish to sell your gift cards at the highest possible rates and get instant cash payment in Naira or Cedis?

ApexPay is here for you!

Best Gift Card Buyers in Nigeria

Yes! Selling your gift cards on ApexPay Platform is the best thing that can happen to you.

ApexPay is the Best Gift Card Buyer in Nigeria today that buys gift cards at a high rate and pays you in cash instantly.

Selling your gift cards to the best buyer will offer you many benefits, so it is worth your time to search for the best gift card buyer.

You tend to make more profits on your sales when you sell your gift cards to the best gift card buyers.

ApexPay is the best buyer of gift cards currently in Nigeria 2023.

You don’t need to look for where to sell gift cards for cash or the best iTunes gift card buyer in Nigeria when ApexPay is the right choice.

ApexPay is a trusted platform that ensures customer satisfaction, and you get the best value for your cards when you trade on this platform.

Why ApexPay?

ApexPay was established in 2018, and since then, we have been offering the best gift card exchange rates to customers.

The exchange rate varies depending on which type of gift card you’re selling.

Some gift cards have a resell value of 85%, while some cards don’t have up to 50% resell value.

It all depends on the interaction between demand and supply of any particular gift card.

The resell value of a gift card will rise if it is in high demand and have a low supply.

However, if the demand is low and there is a high supply, then the rate for the gift card will drop.

You can always check the rates of all cards and most popular gift cards using this Gift Card Rates Calculator.

Steam Gift Card Buyer in Nigeria

Here on ApexPay, we buy all types of gift cards, and we are the Best Steam Gift Card Buyer in Nigeria.

We buy your Steam gift cards, including the physical cards/E-codes and pay you in cash.

Steam gift card has a high resell price value, and it’s among the highest gift card rates Today.

You can sell a £100 UK Steam physical gift card for about N67,000 and the e-code for about N63,000.

The $100 US Steam gift card variant is about N57,000, while the ecode is about N53,000.

These are the best-selling prices for Steam gift cards, and the costs of these cards are derived from the Gift Card Rate Calculator.

The value of this gift card is increasing over time due to its high demand and low supply.

iTunes Gift Card Buyers in Nigeria

iTunes Gift Card is among the top-selling gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana Today.

This has led many to search for buyers of 200 minimum of iTunes gift cards to Naira.

Search no more; ApexPay Platform is the best iTunes Gift Card Buyer in Nigeria 2023.

This platform is one of the Nigeria gift card buyers that buy your gift cards at the highest rate.

The iTunes gift card has the same value in the iOS marketplace as the Google Play gift card in the Android community.

Due to the increased supply of the UK iTunes gift card, the exchange rate is at N350/$ for the physical card.

The US variant of the card goes for N350/$, and the e-code is worth about N300/$.

Google Play Gift Card Buyer in Nigeria

Looking for where to sell your Google Play Gift Cards, you’re in the right place.

ApexPay is now the Best Google Play Gift Card Buyer in Nigeria and Ghana.

Google Play Cards are among the most popular gift cards on the gift card exchange marketplace.

The popularity of Google Play gift cards is due to the dominance of Android in the Smartphone market.

Also, the Google Play cards are used as the Play Store currency.

The exchange rate for US Google Play physical gift cards is N470/$, and the e-code goes for N430/$.

You can exchange the UK Google Play version of the physical card at N500/$ while the ecode can be exchanged for N450/$.


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Best Gift Card Buyers in Nigeria and Ghana 2023

In no doubt, ApexPay has proven to be the best gift card buyer in Nigeria and Ghana 2023.

One of the exciting things that made us stand out is the high exchange rate we provide to users and customers.

You can sell your gift cards at the highest rate and get good cash value when you trade with our platform.

Another exciting thing about ApexPay is the Payment time. This is a fantastic feature that makes users come back for more.

We provide instant cash payment within (2 – 5 minutes) in Naira or Cedis anytime you trade with us.

Your money is sent to you immediately after confirming and verifying your gift card.

However, it takes a different time to verify gift cards, depending on the type of card you’re selling.

So, payment times may vary, but you will receive payment to your ApexPay wallet account in the shortest time possible.

ApexPay is always available and can be accessed via the website or the mobile app.

The platform was designed and built with users in mind; it is very much easy-to-use for selling/trading your gift cards.

It is simple to create an account, log in, and quickly sell any gift card on the platform.

Below are the steps to follow and sell gift cards on ApexPay

5 Steps to Trade on ApexPay

  • Go to (https://apexpay.org) and download the app to create an account on the mobile app platform, set up your PIN, and add your bank account.
  • Login and tap on “Sell Gift Card” to choose the type of gift card that you wish to exchange, select the card category and enter the amount. The rate calculator will automatically calculate the amount of your trade. Then upload a photo of the card and proceed to Submit Trade.
  • Now, you wait for your card details to be confirmed by the admin. Once approved, your money will be sent to your ApexPay wallet; then, you withdraw it to your bank account.
  • If it’s E-code, Type in the code and the details for the gift card and click on Continue to proceed.
  • Confirm your trade details and click on Submit Trade.

Here are some reasons to sell your gift card on ApexPay

  1. ApexPay offers one of the most competitive, if not the best, exchange rates in the gift card market industry.
  2. ApexPay has both website and mobile app versions for the platform.
  3. There is no tedious process to selling gift cards on the platform;
    • Register for an account through the app or website.
    • Click on “Sell gift card.”
    • Choose the type of gift card and enter card details.
    • Select a payment option and add your bank account.
    • Wait for your card confirmation, and you will receive payment instantly.
  4. We are available 24/7 to assist you with any problem that may arise
  5. Quick Cash Payment and Easy Withdrawal.

How To Sell Gift Cards on ApexPay App

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide on How to sell gift cards using the ApexPay Gift Card Trading App in Nigeria.

  1. Download the ApexPay Mobile App from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.
  2. Sign Up by creating an account, and then Log in.
  3. Click on the Mobile App Wallet, to add your bank account for instant cash withdrawal.
  4. Locate and click on “Sell Gift Card” to Submit your gift card details/images.
  5. Wait for 2 – 5 minutes or less for the card to be Confirmed.
  6. After Confirmation, check your Wallet for your Cash.
  7. Then Withdraw straight into your Bank Account.


So, this is everything you need to know about the Best Gift Card Buyers In Nigeria and Ghana [2023] and How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash on ApexPay.

ApexPay is the best place to sell your gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana.

You can always trade your gift cards easily on the ApexPay Platform.

When you sell or trade your gift cards with ApexPay; You will enjoy peace of mind.

Get started today and begin trading your gift cards here right away.



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