Top Gift Cards with High Rates Top Gift Cards with High Rates

Top Gift Cards With High Rates To Trade Now on ApexPay [June 2024]

Top Gift Cards with High Rates

Are you looking for the Top Gift Cards with High Rates that are currently selling now in Nigeria?

Or you’re thinking of the best trading app with the highest gift card rates in 2024?

Worry no more! You’re in the right place.

ApexPay Gift Card Trading Platform is the Answer!

ApexPay Platform is the Best Trading App with Top Gift Card Rates at the moment.

In this article, you will get to see the High Rates Cards that you can Trade Today on our platform.

These cards are currently selling at the highest rates today and beyond.

Many people have been enjoying all our amazing gift card rates on this platform and I believe you wouldn’t want to miss out.

You can be part of this and enjoy these fantastic rates now, once you start trading your cards on our platform.

We have the best gift card rates to offer, with speedy transactions and instant payment.

Here on ApexPay, we love every of our customers/users and we do not take you for granted.

You get to enjoy this perfect trio package when you choose ApexPay Today – Instant Cashout, Amazing Rates, and 24/7 Customer Support.

Let me quickly show you the list of top gift cards with the highest rates you can trade now on our platform.

Top Gift Cards with High Rates Today on ApexPay – June 2024

Below is the list of top gift cards and their rates in Naira for each amount.

Top Gift Cards Rate per Naira (#)
Steam UK Cards (£10 – £500) N1,100/$
Steam UK Ecode (£10 – £500) N1,000/$
Steam USA Cards ($10 – $500) N900/$
Steam CHF (10 – 500) N1,000/$
Steam EURO (€10 – €500) N950/$
Steam CHF Ecode (10 – 500) N950/$
Steam USA Ecode ($10 – $200) N850/$
Steam EURO Ecode (€10 – €500) N900/$
Razer Gold ($25 – $1000) N1,000/$
Razer Gold Ecode ($25 – $1000) N950/$
Walmart Visa ($50 – $99) – 4020 N950/$
Walmart Visa ($100 – $500) – 4020 N1,000/$
Apple iTunes UK (£25 – £500) N1,200/$
Apple iTunes USA ($10 – $500) N1,100/$
Apple iTunes CHF (10 – 500) N950/$
Apple iTunes UK Ecode (£25 – £500) N850/$
Apple iTunes USA Ecode ($10 – $500) N950/$
Sephora ($100 – $500) N950/$
Visa ($300 – $500) – 4358/4034/5113 N950/$
Google Play UK (£15 – £500) N1,000/$
Google Play UK Ecode (£15 – £500) N950/$
Nike ($300 – $500) N950/$

See the Price range in Naira for some of these top-selling gift cards.

$100 Steam  –  N90,000.

$100 Apple iTunes  –  N110,000.

$100 Walmart Visa  –  N100,000.

$500 Walmart Visa  –  N500,000.

$300 Visa  –  N285,000.

$100 Sephora  –  N95,000.

$100 eBay  –  N95,000.

$300 Nike  –  N285,000.

$100 Razer Gold  –  N100,000.

$100 Footlocker  –  N90,000.

These and many more are the prices in Naira for the high rate gift cards currently selling now in Nigeria and Ghana.

Also, the rates of other countries are booming faster, you need to start trading now on ApexPay.

Download the ApexPay Mobile App, register on the app with your correct details and start trading right away.

How To Sell Gift Card on Apexpay

Trading gift cards on Apexpay is the legit and simplest way to sell gift cards online.

All you have to do is to visit the website or download our app, click on get started to begin trading all your gift cards.

To sell your gift card immediately on Apexpay platform either on (website or app);

  • Quickly download our App or visit
  • On the home page, click on Get Started.
  • Register, setup your Account and Login.
  • Locate and click on Sell Gift Card.
  • Select or Search for your Kind of Gift Card.
  • Choose your Card Category and enter Amount.
  • Upload Photo image of your Card and Submit.
  • Wait 2-5 minutes for it to be Confirmed.
  • Your Cash will be credited into your Account Wallet.
  • Click on Withdraw to enter your Bank Account Details and Withdraw.

Benefits of Choosing ApexPay Trading Platform

Here are the major 5 benefits you get when you trade with ApexPay Today.

  • Best Market Rates
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Fast Transaction
  • Instant Cash Out
  • Beautiful App Interface.

So, these are the top gift cards with high rates today on ApexPay Platform.

You can easily sell your gift cards directly on our Mobile App and your transaction will be processed faster, then you get paid instantly.

Trade those Unused Gift Cards to Cash Today!

As the Best Trading App in Nigeria With The Highest Rates, we are always here for you.

Choose ApexPay Today and Enjoy Peace of Mind Forever.

Happy Trading!


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