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Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards 2024 [Updated List]

However, this serves as good news to sellers and retailers who trade and use Gift cards for promotions and gifts.

If you’re among those asking for what is the most popular gift card or the best online gift card, then you’re lucky to be here.

Today, I will show you the Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards 2024.

I will also show you the list of gift cards and the best gift cards to give as a holiday gift or for promotion.

Before we proceed, let’s see what a gift card is all about.


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What is a Gift Card?

A gift card is basically a pre-paid voucher (money card), which can be used to make purchases on some platforms and serves as an alternative to cash.

The gift cards can be used to make purchases on various stores like Amazon, Walmart or used on iTunes, Starbucks etc.

Also, Gift cards can be used as a present (Gift) to your friends and customers during the holiday season.

How Does Gift Cards Work?

Gift Cards are mostly used as a gift, for purchases and for promotional strategy by retailers and marketers.

However, you cannot exchange gift cards for cash, it can only be used to spend and make purchases in stores.

Nevertheless, there is good news for you, do you know that Gift cards can be redeemed and you get instant cash here in Nigeria?

Yes, it is very possible and it has been working over the years.

All you need is to trade, redeem and sell your gift cards on this reliable platform called Apexpay. is Nigeria’s leading Gift Card Exchanger, where you sell Gift Cards for Instant Cash.

If you got a Gift Card to sell and looking for How to Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria, then quickly check out  today.

What are the Best Selling Gift Cards?

When gifting your friend or someone a gift card, you should know that not all Gift Cards would do.

Most people especially (Women) prefer gift cards as a present rather than a trip to SPA, and it is not any-how gift cards.

According to research, Steam, Razer Gold, Amazon, iTunes, Sephora, Starbucks, Visa and Walmart has proven to be the best selling gift cards so far.

So, you need to gift them with the most popular gift cards and the best selling gift cards that will be useful to them.

It’s best to gift them (women especially) gift cards which they can use for Shopping on any gift-card accepted stores.


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Types of Gift Cards

There are 2 major types of Gift Cards, these are the most popular and trending gift cards so far. They include;

Cash Cards Gift Card

The Cash Card Gift Cards is one of the popular gift cards that is flexible, it can be used anywhere.

You can use the card to carry out online transactions and make payments anywhere credit card payment is accepted.

Cash Card Gift Cards are been sponsored by different companies like Visa, Discover, and American Express.

Store Cards Gift Card

The Store Cards Gift Cards is one of the most popular gift cards as well that can be used in a particular stores.

The cards are peculiar to some specific retailer stores like Amazon, Aliexpress and Victoria’s Secret.

These store cards are personal gift cards and they are the best online gift cards.

However, all store cards have a validity (expiry date) of 30 or 90 days. And some gets to lose value after some months.

Now, let’s quickly see the list of Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards 2024 and the Best Online Gift Cards to use.


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The following is a list of gift cards and the top 10 most popular Gift Cards in 2024.

So, the above list is the top 10 most popular gift cards 2024 which you can use as a retailer for gifting or as part of your promotional strategy.

How To Save Money On Gift Cards

Every year, so many worth’s of gift cards are not being used, but you can save money on gift cards in some various ways.

  1. You can save money on Gift Cards by buying them at discounted rates.
  2. You can save money on Gift Cards by Shopping Online through coupons or discounts.
  3. You can also save money on gift cards by bidding on eBay.
  4. You can also save money on gift cards by stalking on the Amazon Daily Deal.
  5. You can as well save money on gift cards by selling them on at a very high rate.


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Wrapping It Up:

The high rate of demand for Gift Cards is becoming more popular these days especially in the US.

Hence, the demand makes it the best present (Gift) to be given to friends and loved ones during the holidays.

With the gift cards, you can spend them online and make purchases during the Christmas and festive seasons.

However, if you’re not interested in using the gift card or getting any item/product with it, you can equally sell the gift cards.

You can easily sell your gift cards and get instant cash payment anytime any day on

And also take note of the expiry date on the gift card before selling, storing or spending online.

So, that is all you need to know about the Top 10 Most Popular Gift Cards 2024.

Always go for the best and popular gift cards as a present, and for purchases.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the Gift Card with High Rate?

The gift cards with high Rates includes Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Visa and Walmart. They’re the best selling gift cards so far. 

You can check out for all gift card rates using this giftcard rate calculator.

Q2: Types of Gift Cards

The two major types of Gift Cards are the “Cash Card” Gift Card and “Store Card” Gift Card.

Q3: Which Gift Card is Most Popular?

Steam Gift Card is one of the Most Popular Gift Card.

Q4: What is the Top 10 Best Gift Cards in 2024?

The following is the list of top 10 Best GiftCards in 2024.

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Visa Gift Card
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Walmart Gift card
  • American Express Gift card
  • Google Play Gift card
  • Steam Gift card
  • Vanilla/OneVanilla Gift card
  • Sephora Gift card
  • Razer Gold Gift card

Q5: What is the Best Website to Trade/Redeem Gift Cards?

The best websites to trade and redeem gift cards in Nigeria with fast payment is ApexPay, and GiftCardsToNaira.


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