Sell Amazon Gift Card In Nigeria At The Highest Rate [2024]


What is Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon gift card are pre-paid cards that can be redeemed for purchasing items on Amazon and can also be redeemed for cash on gift card exchange platforms.

The Amazon gift cards are in 3 different types which includes the physical card, eGift Cards (eCodes) and Anytime Gifts.

What is Amazon Gift Card Trading?

Amazon Gift Card trading is the ability or the process by which you exchange your gift cards for cash.

You trade and redeem your Amazon Gift cards for money which can be in Dollar, Naira, Cedis etc.

You can trade your Amazon Gift Card with Amazon Gift Card Buyer or Exchange Platforms like Apexpay, and GiftCardsToNaira

What is an Amazon Gift Card Used For?

You can use an amazon gift card to pay for almost any item on the website as well as some affiliated websites.

You can easily buy amazon gift cards here or from most retail stores.

How to Sell Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria is the most trusted website to sell your Amazon gift cards in Nigeria.

Established in 2018, Apexpay has been the go-to platform for selling Amazon Gift cards.

To sell your gift cards now, quickly visit and click on get started to submit your gift card.

Your Amazon gift card will be redeemed within 2 – 5 minutes and you will receive your money in the bank account you provided.

To sell on Apexpay;

  • Quickly, visit
  • On the home page, click on get started.
  • Register, Setup and Login to your Account.
  • Locate and Click on the Sell Gift Cards Tab.
  • Submit your Amazon Gift card.
  • Wait for it to be Confirmed.
  • Enter your Bank Account Details for payment.

Amazon Gift Cards and their Current Rates in Naira 2024

Below is a table of Amazon gift cards and their current rates in Naira.

Amazon Gift Cards Rate in Naira
USA no receipt $50 – $100 400
USA no receipt $25 300
USA no receipt $101 – $500 430
USA debit receipt $50 – $100 460
USA debit receipt $101 – $500 430
USA cash receipt $50 – $100 470
USA cash receipt $25 – $49 280
USA cash receipt $101 – $500 440
USA Ecode $50 – $200 230
UK Ecode 25 – 500 180
UK debit receipt 101 – 500 330
UK cash receipt 50 – 100 360
UK cash receipt 200 – 500 300
UK Amazon no receipt 25 – 500 340
UK Amazon debit receipt 50 -100 360
EUR receipt 25 – 500 420
EUR Ecode 25 – 500 150
CAD receipt $50 – $500 230
CAD no receipt $25 – $500 180


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How Much Can I Sell $100 Amazon Gift Card?

You can sell $100 Amazon Cash Receipt gift card for about #47,000 on giftcardstonaira, and

For $100 Amazon no receipt, you can sell it for about #43,000.

Click here to check the current rate.

Can you Turn an Amazon Gift Card into Cash?

Yes you can easily turn your amazon gift card to cash within 2 minutes here on Apexpay and get paid in Naira.

Which other Gift Card Can I Sell in Nigeria?

If you are in Nigeria, you can also sell other gift cards on Apexpay and get paid immediately.

Here are other gift cards you can also trade for cash in Nigeria: iTunesAmex, Macy, eBay, BestBuy, Google, Nordstrom, Steam, Sephora, Amazon, Walmart, Visa, American Express and a lot more.

Where to Sell Amazon Gift Card in Nigeria?

You can easily sell your Amazon Gift Cards and any other type of Gift Cards in Nigeria at a very high rate on Apexpay, and on Giftcardstonaira.

Fast and Instant Payment is guaranteed.

About ApexPay

Apexpay Nigeria is a trading platform established in 2018 where you can sell your gift cards for instant Naira.

ApexPay is the Best Gift Card Exchange Platform in Nigeria where you can exchange your Gift Cards at Highest rates with fast and Instant Payment.

On ApexPay You can trade and redeem the following Gift Cards within 2 Minutes:

  • Sell iTunes gift card for Naira
  • convert Amazon gift cards to cash
  • convert footlocker gift card
  • sell $100 apple ecode for naira
  • sell $50 Nordstrom gift cards
  • redeem Sephora gift card online
  • sell $100 Visa gift card for Naira
  • sell $25 Google Play for cash
  • sell $200 Google Play for Naira
  • sell $100 Walmart Visa gift card
  • sell $500 Walmart Visa gift card
  • convert $20 steam gift card to naira
  • exchange $100 Google play for naira
  • know how much is $200 Google Play card in naira today
  • Sell Google Play gift card at high rate.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best place to Sell Amazon Gift Card in Nigeria, then ApexPay is your best bet.

Follow the steps in the above guide to redeem and sell all your gift cards at the highest possible rates and make money.

You also get to enjoy everlasting peace of mind when you start and continue to trade with us.



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