ways to save money while traveling ways to save money while traveling

30 Ways To Save Money While Traveling [2024 List]

It’s obvious that traveling can be expensive even after all planning, yet one can still save money while traveling and as well save money on vacations.

However, if you’re looking for the best budget travel tips and tips to save money while traveling, then you’re in the right place.

Here on this page, I will share with you the 30 Best Ways to Save Money while Traveling in 2024.

Ways to Save Money on Travelling

People have different reasons for travelling. It could be for a business trip, family vacation, holidays, etc.

But whatever your reason for travelling is, it is good to learn how you can save money even before your departure.

Travelling doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive if you know the smart way around it.

While saving money for travel can be a good thing, it’s another thing to make sure that you don’t spend all of your money in a matter of weeks.

You may be travelling to a place you are not familiar with, but some of this budget travel tips in this article will guide you in managing your money regardless if that’s your first time visiting such a place or not.

Now, let’s see the 30 ways to save money while traveling and ways to save money for a trip.

30 Ways to Save Money While Traveling (2024 List)


1. Track Your Expenses

First, you need to understand your spending habits if you want travel money savings.

You must first determine your budget, track expenses, analyze the data, and then adjust your spending habits to ensure you stick within your budget.

This should be done at least for 3 months and you’ll be able to save money on Vacations.

2. Limit Your Drinking

Travelers, especially backpackers, spend the most money on alcohol after transportation and accommodation.

It is possible to save a lot of money by not drinking, but that is not realistic for most people.

You can save money by drinking local beer and alcohol, not imported beer, pre-game before going out, taking advantage of happy hour, buying alcohol at the supermarket, and not drinking while dining at restaurants.

This is one of the ways to save money for a trip.

3. Get a Discount on Tours

You don’t need to spend all your money on tours alone. Many of the most memorable tours in town will be free.

You’ll have to tip at the end but they’re very engaging.

Many graduate students around the globe are running fascinating, informative walking tours.

So search and choose the ones that are offering discounts.

4. Keep your ATM Card with you at the Hotel

Take out money before you go out and leave the bank and credit cards at the hotel.

You won’t regret it later, and you won’t get drunk.

Make sure to keep some cash with you so that you can return to your hotel.

5. Stay with Locals for Free

You don’t have to volunteer to watch over someone else’s home.

Instead, you could use hospitality exchange networks that allow you to stay at someone’s house for free.

Hospitality exchanges can be a great way to save money on accommodation, meet locals, learn more about a culture, make new friends, and be part of a wonderful community.

This is one of the ways to save money while traveling and as well save money on Vacations.

6. Eat Out During Lunchtime

You can eat at a restaurant once in a while, but it is usually more affordable than dinner.

You can take advantage of lunch menu deals.

7. Enjoy Breakfast Included in Your Stay

You can kill two birds with one stone if you stay in places that include breakfast in the price. It’s okay if breakfast isn’t included.

To save money and travel, grab some breakfast items at the supermarket instead of eating breakfast at a restaurant.

This is also one of the best ways to save money for a trip with proper financial planning.

8. Learn to Cook

Restaurants are costly, but we all need to eat. Cooking more often will help you keep your food costs low.

While in college, I learned how to cook.

Before I went on my first trip, I reduced my meals cooking time to just two per week. Every meal was made by me.

I would freeze leftovers from dinner and use them for lunch the next morning, saving even more money.

You don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen.

You can find a lot of recipes on YouTube, as well as cooking websites that teach you how to make quick and healthy meals.

This is one of the ways to save money on food while traveling, and as well save money on Gas.

9. Apply for a New Credit Card

A Travel Credit Card allows you to get free money, rooms, and flights.

Earning points and miles on everyday purchases can be converted to free travel.

A travel credit card is a powerful tool for budget travelers. Sign-up bonuses are huge when you sign up for a new card.

If used properly, these cards can generate free money.

Start earning points every time you make purchases on your credit card that is related to travelling.

10. Buy Second-hand Things

Don’t pay twice the price when you can get half off Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist offer discounts on books and electronics.

Small and large towns often have Goodwill thrift stores where you can get clothes and other items.

While you may not want to buy every item used, it is possible to get most things used.

You’re also helping the environment by giving your stuff a new life, rather than letting it end up in a dump.

Buying second-hand things and already used items is one of the ways to save money while traveling.


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11. Get a Discount on Cruises

While cruises are a great way to save money on vacations, once you board they will try to sell you everything.

You may be charged for soda by some cruise lines. Port excursions can be very expensive.

You can find organizations that offer similar excursions but you travel by 20 people instead of 40 in a bus.

You get more and spend less. People spend most of their cruise money onboard, at the casino and spa.

You need to be able to save money on cruises.

12. Enjoy Pay-What-You-Want Restaurants

You can find many pay-what-you-want restaurants all over the globe that offer great food and affordable prices.

It’s a brilliant idea to pay what you want for meals, but please don’t abuse it by just showing up and stuffing your face before walking out.

You don’t want to ruin the experience for others.

You should pay a fair amount for your meal.

Volunteer for an hour at the restaurant if you can’t afford it.

13. Sell Your Stuff

Before I began long-term travelling, I went through my apartment and found a lot of things I didn’t need anymore.

TVs, couches tables, stereo equipment, and tables were all I saw.

Instead of storing it (which can be expensive), I decided to get rid of everything.

It was all sold and the money went to travel.

Let’s face it, I don’t need my couch to eat pasta in Rome.

Websites such as Craigslist and Amazon are great places to sell unneeded consumer goods.

14. Bring Water and Snacks with You on Outings

It is a waste of money to buy silly snacks. Keep a few granola bars handy so that the kids can grab them when they need fuel.

I don’t care how much you hate spending on bottled water when you can get an entire case for less.

Always bring your water. Spend more on treats you can only find in this location, but don’t be afraid to splurge.

15. Don’t Rent Large Space

What time will you use your room?

Are you going to be using it for sleeping?

Are you looking for a room with a great view or more space?

Are you going to use the facilities, such as a swimming pool or a gym?

These are part of the budget travel tips you should put in place so as to save money for vacations.

16. Flexibility is Key when Flying

Even if you have a strict schedule, are you able to be flexible about the times of the day, the stops, and the seat choice?

Are you okay with a long layover?

Check the dates and see if they can be adjusted to lower the cost.

17. Know your Hotel Location before Booking

Transport costs can quickly add up, so it’s a good idea to make sure you stay in the centre of town.

The ideal is to be able to walk everywhere.

Is it possible to get to a bus or subway stop from where you are staying?

Hence, you should take note of the distance before you book the hotel, this are part of the ways to save money while traveling.

18. Keep Water with You and Snacks on Your Outings

It is a waste of money to buy silly snacks. You can keep granola bars in the bag so they are ready for when they need them.

Don’t get me started about how much it pains me to spend money on bottled waters when I can purchase an entire case for less.

Always keep your water. Be careful not to spend too much on treats that are only available in your area.

19. Find Free Activities

You’ll find many free activities around the area.

You can check out community calendars for information about what is happening in the area while you’re there.

You can take a self-guided walking tour to get familiar with the area.

Museums have often a ‘pay what you can‘ day, which is usually once per week.

Sometimes they offer discounted admission after a specific time of the day.

20. Take Local Transportation

Your wallet is your best friend by walking. Walking everywhere is a great way to keep your wallet happy.

If you are unable to walk, consider using local transportation instead.

Local transportation can be a great way for you to get to know locals and gain a glimpse into their daily lives.


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21. Search for City Tourism Cards

You can get free entry to the top tourist attractions, discounts at shops and restaurants, skip-the-line options at busy attractions, and free public transport.

Depending on your itinerary, it might be worth the money.

Gaining a free entry for city Tourism cards is one of the ways to save money while traveling.

22. Fly Strategically

Many times, people don’t want the flight they are paying for.

These hopper flights take 15+ hours to reach your destination and have long layovers.

Many people don’t like flying that isn’t direct, or where they have to change planes several times or spend hours waiting in airports, but that’s not the only way to travel.

You should look for flights that have layovers in the places you want to see, and then choose the ones that give you at least five hours of exploration.

23. Do not Pay Extra

It doesn’t matter if you’re happy to be assigned a random seat. You don’t need to pay extra to pick your own.

It’s okay to have a random seat assigned to you, but it’s best to bring your snacks, water, and/or to buy something at the airport before you board your flight.

You can save money by only bringing a bag with you on your flight.

This will ensure that your luggage does not end up in an unknown city.

Also, you can get rid of checked baggage fees for any number of flights you take.

These are one of the budget travel tips to note and ways to save money on vacations.

24. Ask Locals where they Shop

If you’re looking for how to save on travel, then you can always ask Locals where they shop.

Locals can often tell you where to shop for groceries and where to eat out.

Make friends and ask them where you can find the best deals on food and the cheapest grocery stores.

25. Enjoy Meals Together

Try to find a way to share meals with fellow travelers.

Everyone needs food, and many people you will meet at hostels are in the same situation as you.

They’ll need to eat on an affordable budget.

This is one of the interesting and strategic ways to save money while traveling.

26. Enjoy Free Attractions

You should be aware of the opportunities available in your area and take advantage of them.

You can find free walking tours and pub crawls in many cities.

Hiking trails are also a great way to explore the countryside.

27. Use Student Discounts

It’s a good idea to inquire if tourist attractions offer a student discount.

Make sure you have your ID card handy at all times. You will need it to receive a lower price in most cases.

However, with your student discounts on various item prices, you can save money on vacations.

28. Sharing Meals with Others

One of the tips to save money while traveling is by sharing meals with people and travelers around.

You might be able to share meals with other travelers.

Everyone needs to eat. Many of the people you meet at hostels will also be hungry.

29. Stay in Hostel

Some people may be familiar with hostels. If not, they are places that provide dormitory-style accommodation to travelers.

You can choose to have a single bed or a complete room.

A hostel will help you travel more affordably if there are other people in your room.

I have found hostels to be a great way of saving money while travelling and a wonderful place for meeting people.

Hostels provide amazing benefits, such as communal living spaces and kitchens, lounges, and sometimes free tours of cities.

30. Cook Your Meals Instead of Ordering from Restaurants

Thinking of How to save on Travel or How to travel with less money?

You can shop at your local markets or grocery stores, and then you can prepare your meals in the hostel’s kitchen.

Another benefit of staying in a hostel/AirBnB that offers cooking facilities is the ability to save money and prepare your meals.

While this may take some planning and extra time, it will save you a lot of money.

This is one of the best ways to save money while traveling.

Final Thoughts:

These money-saving tips have been put together to help you plan your finances whenever you want to travel.

You must do your planning properly before you leave.

Know the average amount you will be spending and the things you will be spending on.

Transportation cost alone is expensive, this is why you must look for ways to minimize your spending.

Are you still looking for the best tips to save money while traveling.

The above guide are all the available ways to save money while traveling in 2024.


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