Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

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Simply click on the Start Trading button and you’ll be taken to a chat with our agent where you can ask for rate and trade your gift cards instantly.

Why do you trade on Whatsapp?

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Based on experience, we have noticed that people prefer a man-to-man communication for trading their gift cards. Hence we strive to provide the best customer service via Whatsapp.

How much is $100 Google Play gift card in Naira now?

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The rates are constantly changing but we always give the best rates in the market. Message us on Whatsapp 09023041499.

How fast will I get my money?

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Immediately we redeem your gift card, we are paying you. You’ll get the money in your account in less than a minute unless there are issues with the bank network. So yes, it is typically instant.

How can I trust you?

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This is a very common question from all new customers and the fact is that you can trust us. We have been running our business legitimately since 2018 and have secured a long list of clientele with our honesty and great service. Give us a try today, you’ll be amazed at how wonderful it is to be trading with us.